5 Summer Trends You Should Wear on Your Days Off


One of the best parts about the warm summer months is a chance to show off your warm weather wardrobe. Gone is the need for coats, hats and scarves that cover up your clothing. Instead, during the summer, you can flaunt your fashion sense — in a way that makes you feel fashion-forward and in-season. This year, if you’re looking for ideas of what to wear during the summer while you’re not at work, you should check out the list below. These fashionable trends will ensure that you’re both fashion forward and comfortable while the sun is out.

Crop Tops

The crop top trend is going strong in 2017, and these midriff-bearing shirts were seen all over the runways at fashion week, including shows by Alexander Wang and Thornton Bregazzi. Crop tops are a great clothing choice for the summer because they help cool your body down when it’s hot out, and they also give you a chance to show off those swimsuit season abs you’ve worked hard for. You can pair a crop top with shorts, skirts or pants.

Athleisure Wear

Forget formal this summer. Instead, try wearing your athleisure wear when you’re out and about. Athleisure wear includes anything you’d feel comfortable working out in, or casual clothes that are inspired by a sporty look. At Fashion Week this year, athleisure wear appeared on the runways of designers usually known for creating fancy, couture looks. Dior and Courreges both showcased pieces inspired by athletic clothing. If you want to incorporate pieces of athleisure wear into your summer wardrobe, try wearing a zippered hoodie over a tank top, or wearing flip flops or sliders like you’d wear by the beach, instead of fancy leather sandals.

Sheer Pieces

If you’re planning to wear something fancy during your summer weekends, consider wearing a sheer dress. You can pair a sheer dress with a slip or full-coverage bra and shorts for a trendy look that also keeps you cool. You can also use a sheer dress as a fashionable choice for a cover-up on the beach. Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana both showcased sheer pieces at spring Fashion Week 2017: Burberry created crochet pants for the show, while Dolce & Gabbana featured a fitted lace dress.

Statement T-Shirts

Fashion doesn’t always have to be political, but politics have had a big impact on fashion this year. One trend of the summer that was influenced by politics is statement t-shirts. During the election year, people chose to wear statements reflecting their political beliefs on their shirts, hats and more. Now, people are continuing to wear shirts with big bold statements on them — although the statements are no longer necessarily political. Michael Kors’ is selling a sweater that reads “Love” this year, and Baja East showcased a t-shirt that reads “Thriving.”

Raver Pants

You might have thought raver pants were a fad that ended in the ’90s. However, they’re back in spring and summer of 2017 — and a great comfortable option to wear while you’re out on the town. Raver pants have tons of zippers — for both aesthetic versatility and multiple comfort options — so you can zip or unzip them to create a pant style that is all your own.

If you’re excited about the arrival of the warm weather, it’s time to switch your cold weather wardrobe out for some fresh, new summer looks. By wearing some of the season’s most fashionable trends, you can feel both comfortable and confident while you soak up the sun.

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