30 Years of Zipper Manufacturing - Global Manufacturing Capabilities to Meet Your Needs

Over the 30 years that UCAN Zippers has been manufacturing zippers, we have seen how the industry has changed and shifted in so many ways. While we watched the entire industry shift overseas, we made the decision to keep and even build out our zipper production capabilities right here in Los Angeles. We knew that while we would be serving a much smaller segment of the industry, high quality zippers with shorter lead times was needed and we provided that to our clients.

As we look at the current market today, we recognize two outcomes have resulted from our commitment to manufacture in Los Angeles.

    1. We have mastered the zipper manufacturing processes to produce US quality zippers with faster lead times.
    2. We can duplicate our zipper manufacturing processes overseas to provide the same US quality to brands being manufactured offshore.

The value that we see from this is that we replicate the high quality expected from UCAN Zippers here in Los Angeles and scale it to more brands globally.

You may be wondering why we’re excited about this value proposition.

You see in 2011, we decided to experiment and use our zipper knowledge to share on YouTube. It was a moment of, “what the heck, let’s give it a shot.” What we found over 17 million channel views and over 15,000 subscribers later (at the time of this writing) there are WAY too many zipper problems that people have to deal with.

The reason? Zippers are the last thing that designers and production professional think about.

So when the time crunch of a production order squeezes production managers, ANY zipper will do as long as it somewhat matches. While this “checks the box” for brands to deliver their products on time, it doesn’t bode well for the end users. We have over 17 million channel views to prove it.

What does all of this mean? UCAN Zippers has the manufacturing experience and capabilities to meet your needs in a global marketplace. We help brands maintain their brand recognition and equity by delivering consistent, high quality zippers. We’re obsessed with the details so you don’t have to be.

Want to learn more? You can find more information at our FAQ’s page. If you want to get in contact with us, feel free to use our Contact page or look for our chat icon on the bottom right corners of our website to contact us quickly.

Finally, if you’re ready to order zippers, download our guide of Zipper Information you will need to process your order quickly and efficiently.

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