Is Your G2 Zipper REAL or FAKE?

Not too long ago, our G2 zippers went out of the factory without any distinguishing marks on them. At the time, we felt that we didn’t need to imprint G2 on the back of our zipper sliders. We believed the smooth gliding action of our zipper was enough to distinguish our G2 from a fake.

More recently, we have had clients come through our showroom with zippers that look similar to our G2. The teeth and the glide of the zipper were not as smooth, and we could tell right away that the zipper quality did not match ours. While some might think a knockoff G2 is good enough. Your product may be worthy of better.

Counterfeits have posed a problem across industries worldwide, especially where luxury or quality is delivered. Fake handbags, jeans, shoes, and more. Cheaper alternatives might as well come with a price tag of “you get what you pay for”. The price may be cheaper, the quality may be subpar, the customer service may be poor, and so forth.

At UCAN Zippers, we stand by our G2 zippers. If a knockoff G2 isn’t good enough for the product that you take pride in delivering, get the real deal. Going forward, all of our G2 zippers will have G2 imprinted on the back. We hope that this will eliminate any confusion in distinguishing our G2 zipper from a look alike zipper.

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