How to Fix a Sticky Zipper

In the time that we’ve been doing business, we’ve not only produced millions of yards of zippers, but we’ve seen almost all the different types of zippers from other companies. One problem that has been brought to us from other zipper companies is how to fix a sticky zipper. We have two ways to do this. One is fast and easy, but may not last too long. The second way is a little more involved, but will last longer.

We’ve also created a video version of this post to show how to fix a sticky zipper. See below.

Wax Paper This method is the easiest way to get your zipper to run a bit more smooth.

  1. At your local grocery store, you’ll need to purchase any kind of wax paper. Just make sure it’s wax paper and not parchment paper.

  2. Next, cut off a small portion and begin to rub the wax paper on the teeth of the zipper with the zipper open. That means that you’ll have to “coat” two sides of the zipper to get the best results.

  3. Once you’ve done that, take the slider and run it back and forth to test the results. You can go back and “wax” the teeth, but you will get to a point that the benefits will reach it’s maximum and more waxing will not yield more benefits.

Paraffin Wax This method has a few more steps, but the results will last longer.

  1. Use a paraffin bar of wax and run it over the teeth with the zipper closed.

  2. Once you have it on the teeth, brush away any excess wax. You’ll want to remove any stray wax that may be on surrounding fabric because in the next step you’ll be melting the wax.

  3. Use a heat gun or a really hot hair dryer to melt the wax. This allows the wax to get in all of the nooks and crannies of the zipper teeth.

  4. Allow a few minutes for the wax to cool and set.

  5. Take the slider and run it back and forth to test the results.

In a nut shell, that’s how to fix a sticky zipper. This will keep your zippered goods moving and hopefully lower frustration levels.