The Ultimate Domestic Bag and Leather Goods Directory Version 2.0 [UPDATE]


If you’re new to handbag and leather goods making or you’re a veteran of the industry, it always helps to have some solid contacts on hand. Once you have great partners in helping you achieve your design goals, then you can rest easy that your quality will be second to none.

Here at the zipper factory, we know how difficult it can be at times trying to figure out whether you need a luxury zipper or some other type of zipper for your handbag design. Sometimes you just need a little help and direction. With that said, we’ve answered the call to provide some help and direction. We’ve compiled a Domestic Bag and Leather Goods Directory Version 2.0. This directory isn’t just a random list of companies, it’s a list that has been vetted. These companies are professionals and experts in what they do.

Click here now to get your copy of the Domestic Bag and Leather Making Directory Version 2.0. We hope that it will be a useful resource for you to see your designs go from development to final product.

  • Chris Avallon

    That’s a pretty good directory. I’ve used it for my leather goods business at

    • ucanzippersusa

      Thanks for the comment. Just checked out your stuff, looks GREAT!

  • Jackson Wayne

    UCAN Zippers are the best. We use them in the Duffle Bag we make right here in the USA. It’s the best zipper we’ve found, it has such a solid feeling. Actually, you don’t even have to hold the bag to work the zipper it is so smooth. You can see it here:

    • ucanzippersusa

      Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated!