Do you have order minimums?

Yes, we do.

#3 Nylon Coil has a 500 yard minimum order
#5, #8, #10 Nylon Coil, 250 yard minimum order

#3 Plastic Molded has a 500 yard minimum order
#5, #10 Plastic Molded, 250 yard minimum order

Our G2 zippers carry a 25 yard minimum per color, per finish.

What about samples?

For our basic zippers, Classic Metal, Plastic Molded, Invisible, and Nylon Coil samples are not offered. See Order Minimums.

For our G2 luxury zipper line, you can order a sample quantity of 50 pcs per length, per finish however we can only provide zipper samples in Black and White zipper tape.

I have some zipper yardage, can I have UCAN Zippers cut them down to the lengths I need?

Yes, we can cut down your zipper yardage to cut lengths with the following requirements:

  1. The zipper yardage MUST be UCAN Zipper product. Our machines are spec’d to our zipper production only.
  2. We have a 50 pcs, per length minimum
  3. Labor and style charges will apply

Can I get a physical zipper reference sent to me?

Yes, we can send you a cut, unfinished zipper that will give you a physical reference of the zipper you’re looking for. We will send these items via regular USPS. If you’d like them expedited you will need to provide us your FedEx or UPS account # to send them in this manner.

For Metal Zippers, what finishes do you produce?

For our Classic & Alpha, we produce them in the following finishes:

– Nickel
– Antique Nickel
– Brass
– Antique Brass
– Gun Metal

For our luxury G2 Zippers, we produce them in the following finishes:
– Gold
– Nickel
– Rose Gold/Copper
– Gun Metal
– Antique Nickel
– Antique Brass
– Matte Gold
– Matte Nickel
– Matte Black
– Multi-Colored Nickel
– Multi-Colored Gold
– Multi-Colored Matte Black

Do you carry stock?

No. We do not carry stock zippers. We make to order all of our zippers to your custom specifications. That said, you will need to plan for production lead times. See “What are you production lead times?“.

What lengths can you produce?

We make our zippers down to 1/4″ increments. So if you want a 10″ zipper, we can make it. If you want a 214 1/2″ zipper, we can make that as well.

Can you customize a metal finish?

Unfortunately not. We understand that there are quite possibly a million shades of brass, however we’ve decided to stick to our finishes that we offer.

What are your production lead times?

Our production lead time really depends on what’s in production when you place the order. Typically we can run an order in about 7-10 business days. There are times that we can complete the order sooner and there are times that we need a little more time. We will be in constant contact with you during the process to keep you informed of when your order will be ready.

Do you have a color card that you can send me?

Yes, we have a color card that we use that has 600 colors of zipper tape. This card may be purchased for $35.00. If you’d like to purchase a card, you can contact us by sending an email here. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

Can you just email me a PDF version of your color card?

No. We don’t email PDF’s of our color card due to the fact that there are too many different color settings on computer monitors and smartphones, for different people. This will result in mis-ordered colors and lead to unhappiness for both parties involved.

Can you dye custom colors?

Yes, we can dye custom colors if you cannot find a color in our color card. In order to dye a custom color, we would need a swatch that is larger than a half dollar in size. Custom colors are charged $75.00 per color, per order.

Can you make custom sliders with my logo? How much does it cost and what is the process?

Yes we can definitely make customer sliders with your logo. Unfortunately, as much as we want to keep everything here in the US, this process is outsourced and not done here in Los Angeles.

The process to get pricing is as follows:

– Provide us with a detailed drawing of your logo and how you want the slider to look. The more information you can provide the better estimate we can give. We can take JPG and PDF formats to review your specs.
– Once we get your specs, we’ll convert that to a CAD. This is a 2-D drawing of what you’re looking for. The CAD will show you a 1:1 ratio for size reference. This will be your approval to produce the mold. Molds take about 7-10 days to make and from that mold we will provide raw, physical samples for pre-production reference.
– Mold charges depend on the detail of the artwork. Historically, mold charges have ranged from $375 – $600.
– There is a 5,000 pcs minimum order and the cost per piece will again depend on the detail of the artwork. Historically, custom sliders have ranged from $0.15 – $0.75 per piece.
– Total lead time is 4-6 weeks to complete a custom slider

Do you produce YKK Zippers?

No, we do not produce YKK Zippers. We produce our own brand of zippers here in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re looking for YKK Zippers, you’ll want to go here.

What does “gauge size” mean?

The gauge size is referring to the size of the teeth. We produce zippers from #2 all the way up to #15. As the gauge size increases in number, the size of the zipper teeth get larger.

How can I tell what gauge size I need?

The easiest way to do this is to measure the width of the zipper teeth with the zipper closed. That measurement will tell you what gauge size you’re looking for. You can then click here to go through our zipper collection to see if we produce it.

What information do I need to know before I place an order?

Zipper Type – Are you ordering a Nylon Coil, Metal, Plastic Molded zipper?

Zipper Gauge – This is the size of the teeth. The gauge size is noted with the “#” symbol. You’ll see on this page #2, #3, #5, etc.

Zipper Finish – If you’re looking to order a metal zipper, what finish do you need? Brass, Antique Brass, etc.

Zipper Style – Do you need a closed bottom typically used for pant flys? Or do you need a separating bottom for a jacket? We have many styles to meet your needs.

Quantity – How many do you need to order?

Length – What length do you need? We work in 1/4″ increments

Color – We have a color card that contains 600 colors. We DO NOT use Pantone colors. Actual color swatches are acceptable and will be easier to match rather than an electronic copy.