Measuring Zipper Teeth Size [VIDEO]


Sometimes zippers just wear out. With all of that zipping open and closed, the slider (zipper car) will eventually fail. If that happens and the zipper teeth are still intact, then all you need to do is replace the slider. Knowing how to measure the zipper size will help you learn what gauge size the zipper is. This in turn will give you the information you need to order a replacement slider.

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  • Duane Hickenbottom

    Thanks for the video but a little puzzled how you measure the zippers with an inch tape measure and get millimeters.

    • ucanzippersusa

      On most measuring instruments, there’s imperial on top and metric below. I know that 10/32″ is about 8 mm but the take away is to either use the metric ruler side or calipers to get a better measurement.