Invisible Zippers
Product Description
If you’re looking to hide your closure on a garment or on a bag, look no further than our invisible zippers. Our invisible zippers are used from women’s skirts to stashing goods in a secret pouch. These zippers are what are known as “true” invisible zippers where you can sew all the way to the teeth. This keeps your seams looking clean and polished.
Product Sizes
  • #2
  • Teeth Closed: 1/8
  • Tape Width (2 sides): 7/8″
  • Use C31 Sliders
  • #4
  • Teeth Closed: 3/16″
  • Tape Width (2 sides): 15/16″
  • Use C41 Sliders
  • #5
  • Teeth Closed: 1/4″
  • Tape Width (2 sides): 1 5/16″
  • Use C51 Sliders
C31 Antique Brass
C31 Antique Nickel
C31 Nickel
C31 Universal Hook