Zipper Resources

Zippers are on everything, but sometimes they're complicated. We understand zippers. That’s why we’ve created this page to be a guide and resource for you. We will post anything new that we feel will help our visitors and clients achieve their end goal with zippers.

UCAN Zipper Catalog

When it comes to zippers, there are an exponential number of combinations. You have gauge size, zipper length, style, color, and slider type. We set out to make the zipper assessment and purchasing process easier with our brand new catalog. In our catalog, you will find all of our standard zipper offerings. They are matched up with the sliders we have available and also the styles that are produced. If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help. Download your UCAN Zippers USA Catalog now.

Domestic Bag & Leather Making Directory Version 2.0

Reliable resources is KEY to producing amazing leather goods. Fortunately, we’ve had over 29 years of working with phenomenal handbag designers and manufacturers. They have tipped their hand and shared with us some of the “best of the best” resources and we are now sharing them with you. Download the Domestic Bag and Leather Directory Version 2.0. CLICK HERE NOW!

The Complete Zipper Buying Guide

If your'e looking to purchase zippers, here is a complete list of things you will need to know. This guide will help you know all of the information necessary to order zippers with confidence that you will be getting exactly what you need for your production run. GET IT HERE NOW!

UCAN Zippers USA YouTube Channel

Sometimes you have a favorite piece of clothing or an amazing bag and the zipper fails. Unfortunately, it’s something that we’ve all had to deal with. There’s no sense in throwing out those goods if the zipper can be repaired. So we have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to sustainability of goods and zipper repairs. We’ve taken the questions we receive on “how to” repair zippers and made a few videos. Check out our YouTube channel now and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.

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